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Service auto Bucuresti

Authorized auto service for cars and trucks up to 3.5 T: The service is equipped with elevators, modern diagnostic machines, oven painting, art tools and devices.

Hours: Monday - Friday: 08.00 - 20.00, Saturday: 08.00 - 14.00, Sunday - free
Address: 11-13 Giulesti str, Sector 6, Bucharest
Contact: 0740 303 149; 0745 523 974; 021 / 317 31 42

Auto repair
- mechanical
- electrical
- tinker
- painting

Testing, diagnosis
Will test and diagnose your car with the latest equipmentwheel geometry

An important operation that any vehicle owner must carry it out periodically

ITP stationTechnique is to check the vehicle with specific functional equipmentsChange oil and filters

Engine oil change services through specialized equipment or normally as client desire tow truck

Tow truck, towing, car transport platform